Business and professional networks

Happy Management gives you

  • Inspiration that matches your company, your needs and your challenges
  • Two exciting network meetings and an impressive kick-starter. Participants will be enthusiastic – that’s guaranteed
  • Extension and maintenance of your own network
  • A network that is yours after we have finished
Examples of networks

Advisory board

If you need a network to sound out ideas and get feedback on general operations, you could choose an advisory board. We help you to include stimulating professionals on your board.

Innovation board

Everything is developing fast, and perhaps your focus is on technological input or other sectors. This is where you can find competencies you don’t normally have access to.

Customer network

Are there important customers or possible customers in the market, whom you would like to come closer to? This is where you can make new contacts and get input from customers.

Sponsor networks

A professional sponsor and business network makes sense financially and opens up many opportunities. We can help with contacts, starting up and organising the first meetings.

Ambassador networks

For many business sectors, ambassadors can be useful in marketing products and services – or influencing decision-makers. We help to evaluate the effect on the target group of an ambassador network.

If you need any other kind of network, we can find the right solution together.


What does the company gain from it?

  • Systematically organised business development
  • You receive input from customers, future customers, business partners and professionals
  • Loyalty and confidence that binds important people to your company
  • New customers and new relationships
  • Ownership and full influence
  • More activity in your own top management
  • Your own network

What do participants gain from it?

  • The chance to gain influence
  • Knowledge of your company and challenges
  • New business opportunities – new thinking and ideas
  • Personal development
  • An exciting and enjoyable experience