In collaboration with Happy Bosses – Happy Management, we have set up a BASE Business Board, where invited customers and business partners help us to do even better.

At the same time there are rich opportunities to network and see it all in practice. These are all ingredients that make Happy Bosses what they are: business, networks and hands-on experience.

Klaus Rønslev

Director, Base Erhverv A/S

Our focus group meeting was an excellent chance to meet and gather inspiration from a combination of familiar and potential customers, and at the same time a forum where we could pressure-test already-formed strategic ideas and decisions.

We also enjoyed spending time together, while everyone strengthened relationships and formed new ones.

Peter Thyssen


A brilliant arrangement. Good concept, with well-balanced alternation between professional and social content.

Michael Christensen

Managing Director, APCOA PARKING Danmark

We have started and tested the network concept on our own company. SPIN has become our own network of customers / users / stakeholders and other associates, who are all vital to our business. This interactive way to get customer feedback combined with a business network has meant that we are now sure that when we work on development, we are developing the way our customers need and want. We now know, from arrangements in our network, SPIN, which requirements customers see as relevant for us. We can also be sure we are fully aware that what we do is for our customers, and not just because we think we should do it.

Joe Domino

Lawyer & partner, Kaiser Domino Advokatfirma