Why Happy Management?

We know about networks

We have experience in forming networks, and we have worked with networks for the last six years. We know how to build them up, and we are now ready to help others to start and establish specially tailored networks for companies or business sectors.

Our network, Glade Chefer – Happy Bosses – enables us to strengthen your network with external members and the expertise you need or want.  See more about Happy Bosses at: http://happy-bosses.com/

We guarantee success with your network.

What we can help with

  • Deciding on the type of network
  • Developing your network systematically
  • An exciting “kick-starter” as an opening move
  • Selection of some of the participants, partly from our own network
  • Deciding on topics for network meetings
  • Choosing venues, hosting and designing meetings
  • Preparing invitations and facilitating network meetings
  • Follow-up between the first and second meetings